About Jumpers Heaven

What is Jumpers Heaven?

Jumpers Heaven is a free multiplayer parkour (jump-n-run) mod for the classic first-person shooter Call of Duty 2.

The mod creates a hybrid gametype, which mixes the traditional gameplay of platform games with a first-person view and advanced movement / jumping techniques. In a typical level, you have to jump to and from suspended platforms and get through various obstacles, in order to reach the end. Usually there are various puzzles, which must be solved to proceed forward and successfully complete the level – searching for objects or keys, avoiding traps such as lasers or alarms, passing mazes, and so on. You can also look for secrets, which give you access to bonus areas, after you reach the end. Some levels are built in the typical platform games fashion with many static and moving platforms, obstacles and death traps, while others have realistic design and storyline, cutscenes and effects.


  • high quality levels
    Lots of high quality levels with various themes, size and difficulty
  • records
    Records for fastest time, least number of saves, loads and jumps on each level
  • leaderboards
    ‘Top 10’ Leaderboards in-game and on our site
  • achievements
    Special challenges, achievements and medals
  • play in multiplayer
    Play in multiplayer with your friends or against other players
  • create your own levels
    Create your own levels and submit them to the community
  • ranks
    Ranks, XP and unlockable features (Coming soon)
  • unlockables
    Unlockable custom weapons, outfits and taunts (Coming soon)

The levels


01. Kuwehr

Explore the secrets of Kuwehr – an abandoned medieval castle. While you go around, you’ll find old letters, maps and keys, which would help you find your way forward and unveil the mystery of the castle.


02. Cruise

You’re spending your vacation on a Pacific cruise ship, when suddenly the engine breaks down and you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean. You must find your way to the service rooms, repair the engine and start the ship again.


03. Virtual

You go on an epic adventure in a virtual world in the future. Your mission is to find and defeat the evil monster, which has taken control over the world, but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of traps, secrets and mysterious puzzles…

Giant Beam

04. Giant Beam

The mighty Giant Beam has risen to the skies overnight. Are you brave and skilled enough to climb all the way to its top and get to the Sky World?


05. Museum

During the night, you make your way inside a large art museum. Your objective is to find and steal the world-famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’. You have to avoid the many alarms and escape before the break of dawn.

+ 212 more awesome levels for you to explore!

On the Rocks Renaissance Offices Glass Lost Kuwehr 2 Kanyewest Pier Ruins of Death Warehouse Supreme


The only first-person platform game ever released is the 2009 “Mirror’s Edge”, which provided nice gameplay, but had no multiplayer mode. This left a serious gap in the market for all of us who love jumping, so we decided to make our own game. Jumpers Heaven aims to create an interesting and engaging first-person platform game, which can be played online with other players. We don’t have the time or resources to develop a stand-alone game so we made Jumpers Heaven as a modification to Call of Duty 2, which is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person games ever made. CoD 2 was already known for its strafe jumping glitch, which was used by its players to get to ‘unreachable’ places in the game’s stock maps. We thought this would serve as a good basis for our platform game, and so many months and countless hours of work later Jumpers Heaven was born.

The team

Jumpers Heaven was entirely created by volunteers from Europe and North America. Here is a list of the main contributors.

Jumpers Heaven:
  • FLX – project leader
  • IzNoGoD – lead developer
  • Rezil – lead level designer
Core mod coders team:
  • IzNoGoD – all coding functionality, concept planning
  • Kung Foo Man – extending the CoD2 engine
  • FLX – concept planning, site integration, 2d graphics
  • Si13n7 – servers, UI, misc help
  • Master Thomy – misc help
Level designers team:
  • Rezil – design, scripting, textures, models, effects, 2d
  • Creep – design, scripting, textures, models
  • FLX – design, scripting, textures, 2d
  • Master Thomy – design, scripting, textures
  • Yka – design
  • Tevy – design, scripting, effects
  • Pnin – design
  • Fleesh – design, scripting
  • Si13n7 – design, scripting, textures
Senior QA team:
  • Kjx
  • Grey
  • Claay
Beta testers:
  • Diggy
  • Kryptah
  • Mala
  • Mystery
  • Nade
  • Pauli
  • Picajzl
  • Shade
  • Survivor
  • TEKO
  • Tomis
  • Tony
  • Xanxus
  • xZZZon

We’d also like to thank the following people for their help and support:
Rajo (for inventing the name Jumpers Heaven)
Cheesy, Kryp, Glovebox, Gleitiii, Jeffro, Smokey, Gamble, Scrappy, Fathomz, Shayne, Monky21, Hope, Random, Rifle, Maximus, Exile, Lukaz, Life, Dot, Hunter

the following people from the codjumping community, who have created custom levels:
Moffia, SwatCorv, Gagarin, Grom, Luke, Durka, DieHard, Krime, Inetpub, Marshall, Stijn, Leveller, All-killer, Soviet, Pilot Doofy, Pillz, Henry, Most, Spank, Jimbojet, Scrappy, Hunter, Leviathan, Glovebox, Shayne, Hal, Dot, Ai Caramba, Smokey, Kryp, Redi, Pluton, Komonyi, Lamea, Cheesy, Kiwi, A-ay, Voron, Lazlo, Flyer, Pele, Kryptah

and the following teams for promoting jumping in CoD2: Unreal Jumperz, CodJumper, Jumpers 4 Life, BooST, Pro Jumpers, Green Jumpers, Jump4Life, Strafed