Download the Jumpers Heaven mod


You don’t need to download any files before you start playing! Just join any of our servers and play straight away! Click on the Join Game button below to connect to our main server through Xfire.

Join Game!It’s all free* * In-game downloads get enabled automatically. By downloading the mod, you agree with our Terms of Use. In case you want to pre-download all maps, please click here (cod2) or click here (cod4).

Read more about the mod here.

How to play

Start CoD 2 Multiplayer and connect to one of our servers.

How to update

When you join one of our servers, the mod will auto-update itself and download all new files.

Make your own level

Do you want to create your own custom level? Then download the official CoD 2 Mod Tools here.
You can read tutorials here.
Once you’ve completed your level, send it to an admin through our Steam Group and we may add it to the JumpersHeaven servers.