What are the requirements to play Jumpers Heaven?

How to install or update the mod?

Just connect to 1 of our servers with in-game downloads enabled – the mod will install and update itself automatically.

I have an original cd key for CoD2 but it is banned by PunkBuster. Can I play on your servers?

We do not support PunkBuster (which is a horrible bugged software) so even if your key is banned by PunkBuster, you still can play on our servers.

How does my frame rate affect the jumping?

In general, in order to strafe jump, you must use a constant frame rate of either 125, 250 or 333 fps. Depending on the value of your fps, you must use different jumping techniques, though in general you can jump further and higher with more fps. 125 fps is the default value for jumping in JH.

Can I get more fps?

If you have an old video card or computer, you may not get sufficient frame rate on some levels, which will make the game lag and make jumping harder. In order to increase your fps, try the following: Reduce your graphic settings, screen resolution, and use DirectX 7 instead of 9. Close any other programs, while running the game. There are also in-game tools to boost your fps, which can be accessed from the quick menu.

What are the main controls?

The main controls for movement, shooting etc. are the same you would use in CoD2 or other first person games. Here are the jump specific controls:

I can’t find the way in some level. I’m lost.

Feel free to ask for help the other players in the server.

Can I host a server with the JH mod?

The JH mod requires a special custom server configuration, so you cannot run it on a common server. Also the core JH files are not open source.