JumpersHeaven 3.0 Released

JumpersHeaven 3.0 is here with brand new player accounts system, 3 new servers, medals and more!

We are proud to announce that JumpersHeaven 3.0 is released today. Some of the main new features and improvements include:

Brand new players account system

Completely independent of the player’s GUID or IP! Now all your stats and settings are saved no matter what your GUID, CD key or IP address is or if the COD master servers are up. Your account is automatically created when you join the server and every time you join after that you are automatically logged in. You can even export and back up your settings.

Brand new servers

We just got 3 brand new dedicated servers with faster connection and more processing power. Join at [Vanessa], [Katie] or [Laura].


Beat specific times on each level to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal! You can later check all your medals and stats at your in-game profile.

Much faster downloads

As of 3.0, when you connect to a server, you only need to download the current level. No more huge downloads, just jump in and play straight away!

Improved user interface in-game

Check the new color scheme, graphics and menus.

Posted by Floater on 19 Jan 2014