I am lev. I am 19 years old fresh mapper from Slovenia and i will talk a bit about my journey and experience through mapping contest. First of all I am really happy to see my first ever map created for public (jm_canyon) won the 5th JH anniversary mapping contest. I would like to thank the whole community for playing and cheering for Canyon. (not you kjx :lev:) The time mapping got announced i was really hyped for it and i was actually not that confident about making a good map. But i tried it and i guess it turned out pretty well! Canyon got inspired by CoD4 map named the same (thank you Sohwax!) I would like to thank especially IzNoGoD – for being a good guy and helping me a lot in mapping Xan – testing and feedback and for loving me and inspiring! Love u Gr3y – “lev prosim” Claay – for being a good guy BaSeM – introducing me to JH scene Parents – for feeding me And others! That’s about it. Thank you for everything JH! Also levcakes are good Cringe ish but cool Hopes and dreams: lev's dream Reality: lev's reality

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