The Quarantine Mapping Contest Announcement

Since we’ve had so many active mappers lately, let us present you The Quarantine Mapping Contest!

Update 30.3. 2021: You can now vote here until 4th April 23:59 CET
Update 21.2. 2021: We are extending the deadline for submissions until 26 March 2021


Create a CoD 2 jump level on a topic of your choice. The difficulty, length, and story is also up to you. You can submit the .iwd file (including any custom materials used) to claay via Discord (claay#4176). The deadline for submissions is 26 March 2021. The winner will be determined by the results of the poll. Only 1 entry per participant is allowed.


The winners will get:

  1. 40€ + personal info page at:
  2. 20€ + personal info page at:
  3. 10€

More info

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We are looking forward to your contributions!

Posted by claay on 13 Feb 2021