Results of The Mapping Contest 2023



The results of The Mapping Contest 2023 are here!


We received three entries, a slightly smaller number compared to the previous contest, but the quality remains commendable. Appreciation goes out to all the participants who took the challenge, specifically db, Duck, and Seb. While db is recognized for past projects, particularly in CoD4 but also in CoD2, Duck and Seb made their map-making debut. Without further ado, here are the entries:



Appreciation to everyone who participated in the voting process – we received a total of 29 confirmed responses. The poll comprised four questions, focusing on design, jumps, overall impression, and optionally, the best secret/bonus. Points for the first three questions were allocated based on the map’s ranking, with the first receiving 3 points, the second 2 points, and the last 1 point. Your votes enabled us to calculate the average points each map received in each category, and these were then summed to determine the final results. Regarding the optional question concerning the best secret, 1.5 points were distributed among the maps based on the number of votes each one received. So let’s take a look at the results.

Design: Textures, lights, music, scripts, theme choice, attention to details, and other non-jump-related stuff that give the map its look and feel

1. jm_arch (db) 2.54
2. jm_dream (Duck) 2.43
3. jm_phil (Seb) 1.04

Jumps: variety, balance, novelty, and other aspects that made the jumps enjoyable for you

1. jm_arch (db) 2.64
2. jm_dream (Duck) 2.14
3. jm_phil (Seb) 1.21

Overall impression: Which maps did you enjoy the most?

1. jm_arch (db) 2.79
2. jm_dream (Duck) 1.96
3. jm_phil (Seb) 1.25

 (Optional) Which map has the best secret?

1. jm_dream (Duck) 1.22
2. jm_phil (Seb) 0.19
3. jm_arch (db) 0.09

 Final standings

1. jm_arch (db) 🏆 8.06
2. jm_dream (Duck) 🥈 7.75
3. jm_phil (Seb) 🥉 3.69

Congratulations to all of you! We’ll be in touch about prizes.

By the way, word on Discord is that there might be another mapping contest in the works, potentially with a deadline after the summer. Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to start getting those creative gears turning!

Posted by claay on 17 Jan 2024