Results of The Quarantine Mapping Contest

The contest is over, it is time to reveal the winners!


We received 8 entries which is much more than we expected so a big thank you to all participants who decided to give it a try, namely: Panda, Lev, SAD, Tona, db, Deres, Pauli and Skazy. It was nice to see also CoD4 mappers (db and Skazy) take part and make a CoD2 map. So here are the entries:


Thanks to all who voted – in total, we got 30 confirmed responses. We asked you to rank the maps in 3 categories: design, jumps, and the overall impression. The first map got 8 points, the second 7 points … the last one 1 point. Based on your votes we calculated the average points each map was given in each category and then summed them to get the final results. So let’s take a look at the results.

Design: Textures, lights, music, scripts, theme choice, attention to details, and other non-jump-related stuff that gives the map its look and feel

1. mp_stalker (Skazy) 6.17
2. jm_legomania (Lev) 6.03
3. mp_alps (Deres) 4.87
4. jm_orda_underwater_easy (SAD) 4.83
5. mp_paskvil_easy (Pauli) 4.33
6. jm_walkhome (db) 4.23
7. jm_tona (Tona) 2.93
8. jm_home_time (Panda) 2.60

Jumps: variety, balance, novelty, absence of run killers, and other aspects that made the jumps enjoyable for you

1. jm_legomania (Lev) 5.43
2. mp_paskvil_easy (Pauli) 5.37
3. mp_alps (Deres) 5.17
4. jm_orda_underwater_easy (SAD) 4.97
5. mp_stalker (Skazy) 4.57
6. jm_tona (Tona) 3.77
7. jm_home_time (Panda) 3.43
8. jm_walkhome (db) 3.30

Overall impression: Which maps did you enjoy the most?

1. jm_legomania (Lev) 5.53
2. mp_alps (Deres) 5.23
3. mp_stalker (Skazy) 5.23
4. mp_paskvil_easy (Pauli) 5.13
5. jm_orda_underwater_easy (SAD) 4.77
6. jm_walkhome (db) 3.70
7. jm_tona (Tona) 3.33
8. jm_home_time (Panda) 3.07

Final standings

1. jm_legomania (Lev) 16.99
2. mp_stalker (Skazy) 15.97
3. mp_alps (Deres) 15.27
4. mp_paskvil_easy (Pauli) 14.83
5. jm_orda_underwater_easy (SAD) 14.57
6. jm_walkhome (db) 11.23
7. jm_tona (Tona) 10.03
8. jm_home_time (Panda) 9.10

Congratulations to the winners – Lev, Skazy and Deres – we will contact you regarding the prizes you won. And thanks again to all the participants for your effort. Even if you didn’t win, you brought something new to the community and made these strange times a bit more enjoyable. So great job everyone and see you around!

Posted by claay on 5 Apr 2021