Hello guys, I am skazy, a soon to be 22 years old, mainly cod4 jumper and mapper from Hungary.

I’ve been playing codjumper since I was 7 or 8 years old. My brother got me into it, and I became obsessed with codjumper in general, being it so unique and challenging. I started out with cod2, then I moved to cod4 because I loved to play with my brother and my cousin. We can say I am a pretty OG jumper :D. Like most of us, naturally, I had some bigger/smaller breaks throughout these 14-ish years as well, but I just could not stop myself from playing codjumper.

When I was in my last year of primary school (age 14) I decided that I should try to make a map for cod4. Honestly, even looking back at it, it stands out from most cod4 maps, just because of the sheer length, difficulty, and complexity, regarding the techniques I used mapping-wise. Throughout the years, thanks to my continuous mapping, and my forever-lasting interest in CJ I became more and more experienced at CoD mapping in general up to the point where I became one of the most experienced cod4 mappers. I am a pretty maximalist individual, so I try to make something as good as possible. Looking back at some of my projects, I would not say that I always succeeded in my opinion. It is expectable to notice such things that may bugger you after some time. It may be because you are looking at your own maps with a more experienced view. They still stand out in some ways nevertheless.

People tend to ask me for help when it comes to CoD4 mapping, and I am more than happy to help. I want to be part of making the game as good and as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Nowadays, To be honest, when it comes to mapping, I am very speedy, but I lose interest in finishing it, when 90% of the project is done. We can say that I am pretty lazy in this regard. I have 3 maps that I could release in the span of 3-4 days if I just had the will to spend some time with it.

But enough said about my cod4 side, what about cod2?

When it comes to cod2:

I played cod2 codjumper at a very early stage (around 2006-2008, can not remember), and I redownloaded it in 2021 because I had a smaller mental breakdown because of a cod4 map :D During this period, I have been informed that there is going to be a cod2 mapping contest, and I decided that I had to participate to see whether I can cope with the new environment or not. Thus, I made my first cod2 map, mp_stalker in the span of approximately 4 workdays. I would like to Thank you lev, for helping me set up cod2 radiant and whatnot. :D

If I had more time, I would have made the map a lot better. Maybe my upcoming map? We’ll see :D

About my skill: not over-exaggeration, but I would say I am in the top 5 best cod4 jumpers out there, people who know me can confirm in this regard. I completed almost every map in cod4, except the absolute hardest one, mp_edge_v2. I landed around 30 out of 65 bounces nevertheless. I am one of the two people(the other one being Doodie / Sardonyx), who legit finished the second and third hardest maps in the game, mp_dark_final and mp_restyled_v3. Thanks to my cod4 skills, I would say that I am a pretty decent cod2 player overall as well and that I am very good at mixed fps especially, because of cod4.

My cod4 maps in order:

Upcoming projects

Besides all my maps, I have helped countless people with their maps that I can not enumerate all of them. It’s above 10-12 for sure.

Thank you for reading my COD CV, have a nice and lovely day all y’all <3

P.S.: I am sorry that it took so long to do this little introduction about myself, I had a pretty rough month, so I had to find the time to do so. I am sorry once again.

mp_dark_final rec

Making the hardest no-rpg bounce jump in the game (mp_edge_v2)