JH 5th Anniversary Mapping Contest (UPDATED)

JumpersHeaven proudly presents the JumpersHeaven 5th Anniversary Mapping Contest.

JumpersHeaven 3.0 Released

JumpersHeaven 3.0 is here with brand new player accounts system, 3 new servers, medals and more!

2013 Xmas Mapping Contest

Create your winter-themed jump map to win cool prizes.

Pier 2 Walkthrough

Watch the 17 min gameplay trailer of arguably one of the best jump levels.

Claay wins the Launch Race

In an exciting final Claay defeated Picajzl to win the first JH race

500 Unique players

After less than 3 months, we just got our 500th player!

Pier 2 Review

Does Rezil’s newest level live up to its hype or has nothing interesting to offer?

2013 Spring Mapping Contest

Create your spring-themed jump level to win cool prizes.

JumpersHeaven Launch Race

The first official JumpersHeaven race – read about the participants, scores, rules and prizes!

Pier 2 Trailer

Watch the official launch trailer for Rezil’s highly anticipated level.